Customized Trophies

Trophies from Gallant are mementoes to be treasured forever. They could be awarded for certain accomplishments, or a memento of membership, or a souvenir from an event. Trophies from certain games are much coveted. In Soccer, the FIFA world cup, European championship, Copa America, African Nations Cup, Asia cup and others are the much-sought-after trophies.

In golf, the PGA tour, championship tour, LPGA tour, the Masters, the U.S. open, and the British Open are the major trophies. In baseball, international tourneys include World Baseball Classic and the Olympics baseball tournament. In addition to sports, Gallant's trophies are awarded to police officers, firefighters and other active duty government officials for achievements of exceptional valor and courage. These include traditional cup-shaped trophies, plaques and even bobble-head images of officers as trophies.

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